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Chel Unlocks Feedback

I booted NHL 20 up after a few months of inactivity to help a friend get the Threes trophy (which is a whole other can of worms) when I went to look at the weekly rewards - lo and behold, you guys finally added one of those special intro animations (it was either sticks the landing or the superhero one).

Why the heck did you guys wait this long to add it to the game? I think that is pretty dumb. Almost as dumb as giving us the santa and elf skins after Christmas

I've been collecting completion tokens for months and can't even use them to purchase rare items, and you don't even put any effort into letting players know when they can open bags up for past weekly rewards they missed because they don't want to play drop in or Pro Am...it's easy, simple things like this that leave me shaking my head let alone all the horrible AI logic...
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