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HUT Squad Battles Scam

Greetings All. I'm sure this is not a new topic for discussion but as I'm relatively new to HUT and Squad Battles I have to ask - "How is this not a scam?"

Here are my issues:
I select an opponent and a level and it tells me the game is worth 800 points - I win the game and receive 750 points (these are not actuals but representative numbers). Why is that? Where does it say these specific conditions must be met for you to achieve the score we say you're going to get.

Next - The ever changing ranking scale. Why does this change multiple times throughout the day? Ranking says you need "X" points to achieve a certain rank. As I play games to reach that goal the points required increases. What is the story with that? Better still, I achieve a certain rank, log back in the next day and find the points have increased by 300 points and I'm moved down to the next lowest rank.

Seriously what is the official EA explanation/justification/reasoning behind this?

This is not meant to simply be a "complain thread" I really would like to understand the logic

"Just the tip" - Sterling Archer


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