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I enjoy playing EASHL and threes eliminator, personally I feel eliminator allows you to play an actual defensive game where as I feel eashl you just position yourself. That being said you do have to be a bit more creative on offense in EASHL. All that being said I've definitely sunk more hours into THREES and feel I have as much a grasp on the mode as anyone. What is good and what is bad.

1. A.i.- I think every post I make points out the AI in this game but it's really the biggest problem in NHL and it's not even close. Currently we have AI players and Mascots, they skate faster, track pucks w/o error, hit harder than enforcers, can avoid your hits by making your skate just go around them, make shots from impossible angles, and intercept passes FAR better than any human I should also point out that Mascots have an INSANE reach and the rink is MUCH smaller in this mode. There are teams called "pass it to A.I." teams that win tournament after tournament by letting the AI play defense while they wait for him to pick off a pass. Having an A.I. on your team is sometimes better than having the VERY best player in this game on your team. When a team of two 400CR players beats a team of 1,000+ because the CPU played ALL their defense and ALSO scored 4 goals it's a MAJOR problem.
Either the CPU needs to be extremely downgraded or there needs to be a way that a team of 3 can choose to ONLY play against a team of 3.

2. Money pucks/ play to 7- money pucks can be kinda fun but I personally don't like them. Scoring 3 goals and then they score a 3 or worse, a -3 to go up on you (ESP if it's their CPU that gets it) just leaves you not wanting to even play sometimes. Personally I would like it if money pucks were taken away or if teams (who are clubs) could choose their rink rules. Money pucks, maybe a money zone (you get extra goals from scoring from a particular spot on the ice) could be fun to go into your club Creator and choose what places would be worth more and then face teams that have done the same so you have to adjust your strategy!

Eliminator- it was a great idea! It didn't work! The fact that the blue screen glitch has not been patched and EA makes so much money is unbelievable. Players now have learned to close their app after 4 tournaments so they don't get blue screened. There were so many connection problems because of the eliminator and then sometimes you have to wait a while to find an opponent because not many people are on and in the same mode, in the same round.. get rid of eliminator..

Goalies- maybe make them a LITTLE better when someone wrists it from the center line it's a bit irritating. Orrr leave them as is and add human goalies. That would make this mode AMAZING currently I don't play with any good goalies in EASHL (at least none that saves shots like a CPU, and I know some exsist) this mode would allow humans to be just as good as CPU goalies. I think that you would have to work them some so they couldn't play TOO good and they couldn't be so big that they fill the net like some walrus (I've seen goalies like this in eashl and it drives me insane) I think it's something to at least consider. I'm not totally sure how I feel about human goalies in threes but we have so much outdoor gear for them and you can play them in offline threes so it seems fitting.

What's good
Pass interceptions in this mode are great (for humans) if I look at the puck and jump it, I get it (not like in 19 as I would often see it sail through my legs) everything about defense in this mode is actually great. I can stick my stick out or poke w/o the worry that he will intentionally trip someone or they will back skate to get the call. I can hit a lot easier (people can still turn their hips to avoid hits which is annoying but it's not as bad as eashl) not many people hide behind the net and honestly a lot of teams end up getting punished for it in my experience. Defense is good! I can shut out a lot of teams so I feel it's pretty balanced.

The whole idea, rink size, rules are all great! I would let clubs choose their ice pattern though.. we have that blue pattern, a yellow pattern, regular ice. Let us choose and recolor it!
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