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Do we ever get answers to our complaints? Why is it that when the AI has the "hit" button down, it also works as poke check. Their poke check also takes the puck away from you cleanly, meanwhile everytime i pokecheck it seems to go straight to the other team(if it doesn't trip them) I've been watching replays and they have their arms up bracing for a hit... meanwhile their stick is following the puck like a magnet.

am I missing a button?

Why is it that be a pro is less than it used to be... I'm fairly certain you used to be able to play the career of a real player. It is so bare bones they have literally done the absolute minimum.

This game badly needs an AI upgrade, it hasn't changed in years. It is just so lazy and frustrating considering we have no other choice(if we want to play an NHL game) but to play EAs reprint.
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