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Kudos to HUT players

Kudos to all HUT players that strive to get to the top 100 or high elite status every week.
Four games a day more on the weekends to play the limit, 25 to 30 min a game is a challenge in itself. Should start an AA club dealing with our spouses complaining we play too much. I can normally get to Elite one if I put in the time. All teams under 90 I'll play superstar level. Occasionally will play a low 80's team that plays like a high 90's team. The top 100 players must play every game superstar level and win which is amazing. Getting 6 packs a week is the Elite 1 goal although haven't had much luck with good players coming out of it.


  • I don't focus too much on ranking, my goal is to hit 25,000 in points to close out the Milestone for the Icon Collectables. I usually play 2 Squad games a day, 1 before work and 1 after. Since the lockdown started in WA state I've been playing all 4 in the morning and I've been clearing 50K and made E1 a couple times. WA state is staying closed through May so I should be able to clear 50K each week and close the Milestone in a couple weeks. If I game on weekends it's usually a different game and only get on NHL to get the daily pack.

    Packs, Rewards or from the Store, should never be seen as anything but getting items to roll in sets. Looking for high rated players will only lead to disapointment. I really like the Mega packs and collected a bunch of coins out of them last week. One pack had 3 coin cards, 2 for 750 and 3rd for 1,250 but all 3 had at least 1 coin in it. The best reward packs for me are still coming from the Challenges. I'm pulling a bunch of Icon and Gold collectables from those.

    I look at the lines and goalies for each opponent to decide what level I play them at. I also factor in the pressure they'll apply. Those 79 teams with Icon loaners on each line are killers but a 86 with all basics are pretty easy. I can't thank the 90+ teams with low rated goalies enough.
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