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What...in gods name...is on his hiead? sxf9s46v2976.png

Congrats on making him look like Mika Zibanejad, but good GOD the quality on that hair is LOW and it's not even his hairstyle. Guy runs a flow >.<


  • Davanial
    267 posts Member
    He's got helmet hair bruh!
  • xPDogg65x
    829 posts Member
    With all the gameplay problems, hair is not even close to being on the list of fixes, I hope.
  • Froommey
    800 posts Member
    All is important. They worked so many years the most time at the Gameplay. They never fixed it positive.
  • Sega82mega
    4308 posts Member
    edited May 2020
    Hair is in the game, I snipe way better with brown hairy guys then blond. Next year I hope they fix so all players are in brown flavour!

    On topic: bad hair day?
  • TTZ_Dipsy
    518 posts Member
    I play without a helmet (no glitch this time) and still have hockey hair that flashes and goes crazy - obviously they couldn't fix how we went no helm last year and tried to pass it off as a feature but jeez, more and more they prove they just can't handle the messy code they keep sticking together with bandaids
  • I think the hair could be improved. There should be an option to change the length of a hairstyle, so you could make any hairstyle longer or shorter, because sometimes you like a hairstyle but it's to short or to long so if you could change the length you could get the perfect hairstyle. I was looking for slightly longer, medium hairstyle but most of them were to long or too curly, the one that was the best was perfect except the hairline was receding quite a bit so it made it look like I had a huge forehead, and I was balding. They definitely need some more medium length hair styles. But I think if you could change the length of any haircut it would fix this problem and you would get the perfect haircut. Or EA could just make a face scanner like NBA 2K. Also, a little off topic, if you could change the skin color of any face that would be good to.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4832 posts EA Community Manager
    Davanial wrote: »
    He's got helmet hair bruh!

  • Davanial wrote: »
    He's got helmet hair bruh!

    Helmet hair isn't that bad. Plus Zibanejad's hair is much longer. So it's not very accurate
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