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How much time?

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I can easy say that I have been really hooked in to video games, had it with me from my childhood in to my adult life. When it was worst I almost ruind my own life, in many ways. I didn't want to put down the time and effort it takes to be a function person outside of the video games.

Im now better, but I wouldnt say its perfect.

Im notice that the more time im putting in to play NHL(especially) the less I care, and I get in a manic mode were I just play game on game, at the same time I build up rage and frustration. And time easy fly by.

From yesterday im put in a couple of rule, for my gaming.

1. I put a photo on the wall over the monitor that remind me of stuff I love IRL.
2. Dont(its really hard) care if the other player dont play the game like "it should be". No mather how many goals I get behind me, always try to play the way I enjoy.
3. I have a timer on 2 hours per game session. I will play 4 hours a day, to start with and then see what comes out of that.

Question is, how much time, each day do you guys put down to playing? Im just abit curious.

Stay safe


  • EA_Blueberry
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    My wife feels I spend a little too much time on games here and there, but luckily for me it's all for "work and research" purposes. Haha! >:)

    Try to get in a small session every day if possible, but a bulk of my time comes from the weekends. Make sure you're moving your body around, mix up your activities, spend time with family/friends, and take care of both your physical and mental health, As much as we want you to spend time playing our games, we want to make sure you're enjoying your time in them. Having all of your real life responsibilities checked off the list first can make it a more fun experience since you don't have to worry about a time crunch.

    I try to run on the treadmill here at home after work before jumping into a long session so I don't feel guilty about sitting around all day, but I've always been big on keeping myself fit playing sports throughout my life.

    I know Xbox has features to restrict game time and also send you a report of how much time has been spent. Would be interesting to manually track how many fun experiences or wins you got out of each session to see if you notice a trend on whether a short or longer sitdown had any influence.
  • Sega82mega
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    What a pleasant surprise, to hear from you here in the off the ice world.

    I understand your wife, but I do understand you too. I have one with my side, she has suffer alot, maybe even more then me. And I also have dogs, it was painful to see them rejected becuse my abuse.

    It sounds like we have the same attitude, as a young boy I was all in to sport, probebly a big reason why I now days love to play video games, there's something that gets me going when you can win or loose, im probebly to competitive for my own good.

    Today I still Keep my physique in a high prio, lucky for me, theres another thing in my life im fallen victim of. But still suffer abit of back pain from my worst gaming period in my life.

    I really dont want to quit playing, becuse I love hockey, and this game bring me close to that feeling, and I can only imagine what good next gen will bring, but at the same time, I wouldnt wanna miss out on real life to. I want them booth. Thats why I need to take controll.

    Im not sure I want to know how much time I spent on my ps4... at the same time, I do it becuse I love it.. But sometimes love can hurt yourself, I guess.

    "Having all of your real life responsibilities checked off the list first can make it a more fun experience since you don't have to worry about a time crunch."... Soo True!

    Anyway, thanks for input my Nice Blueberry! :smile:
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