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Lost in Translation?

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I guess this qualifies as media, and I am too lazy to contact any support.... anyways, while checking the pro club rankings leaderboard in Finnish, I found a couple translation blunders...

Namely 'Club' was translated as 'Nuija' - the latter refers to a mallet, bat, or indeed a club often depicted as the typical weapon of a cave-man. It's never used to refer to people or organizations, unless you think a person is a jerk, then you can say 'he's a real nuija'. Funny that, but I get where it might come from a machine translation or something.

Less funny instance is the translation for logo, or whatever it is here in the English version, I dont know as the site forces Finnish on me. The Finnish translation is 'vaakuna' which kinda right but more like 'coat of arms', so definitely a little archaic. Just use Logo please.

Then I saw the button on the right hand corner says 'Ostaa NHL20' - which sounds odd. Something like 'It buys NHL20' (... or it gets the hose again?)

This makes me think maybe the localised version of this page is machine translated? Don't you use humans anymore for stuff like this?

What about gamers in other languages than English, have you spotted any funny blunders like this?
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