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Any news about competitive seasons?

Why did they take them down? There was a lot of people playing them.


  • I dont know but I feel the same
  • EA_Blueberry
    4770 posts EA Community Manager
    The next Competitive Season starts on 5/15 at 2PM Pacific Time.
  • smokin666
    617 posts Member
    Thank you for heads up. It’s not listed under upcoming tournaments
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • EA_Blueberry
    4770 posts EA Community Manager

    I'm seeing it under HUT>Online>Competitive Seasons.
  • EA_Aljo
    3218 posts EA Community Manager
    To clarify, Blueberry is talking about the HUT Champions season. As far as another CS goes, we don't have any news yet. Keep an eye on the upcoming seasons. Thanks!
  • Understood, thank you for clarifying.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • There should be comp season always during the week, people like to stream those games to twitch. That gives more attention to this game and of course more reason to keep playing this game.
  • Sega82mega
    4308 posts Member
    Now when real hockey is closing in, and we are some months away next game, would be fun to turn up the heat with a comp season to play.. Rivals and champs in all honor, but it gets abit boring to grind out..
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