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Rivals - Matchmaking - Losing 95% of my games

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My record is about 1-19.

I feel I'm a decent player, but clearly not great. Is there a reason I'm always losing? Did I make my team too strong (OVR 88) that it places me with people with much more experience?

Are the only people that still play people who have played 100s of matches? OR am I really just that bad?

I also play the challenges and have beat all Rookie, Semi-Pro and am 1/2 way through Pro.. so that's my general skill level.


  • Davanial
    267 posts Member
    What division did you qualify for?
  • How long have you been playing NHL HUT for?

    88 OVR is really low compared to players who have played from the beginning.

    I haven't played nearly as much as most but my team is still 97 OVR. A big reason my team is so stacked is because of rival rewards.

    This year is a lot better for building teams but the difficulty won't be any different.

    Depends on how long you've played HUT in general like past NHL games. Also, what Davanial asked what division you're in?
  • It is probably a little bit of everything. The slider used online are All-Star sliders, so if you can’t play at least that level, it will be hard to score, etc... The game speed is way faster than on Pro and AI are way harder to get around. Maybe playing SB or challenges on All-Star to get used to it might help a bit.

    There’s also a lot of people that play really well and know a lot of the glitches if not all of them, it makes it really hard to play. Even if you beat the AI on Superstar quite easily, it is still not guaranteed that you will beat human, they are much more unpredictable and better than the CPU.

    If you continue grinding through Rivals games, you should get better and maybe get in a division with people more of your skills rating. It is quite late in the season though, so the player base is lower and you might be matched with people outside your division more often than not, which can be another reason why it is hard. Not much you can do about that beside practicing.
  • zyq24
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    Had similar experience, but I would never call myself decent player. Started playing month ago and after first 5 placement matches in Rivals I've been assigned to 5th division. And that was a disaster. Every game was a beating, 5-6 goals difference was a regular thing. And then it stopped once I was relegated to 8th division. I win about 50% games now, have 91 squad (with 2nd proper goalie it would probably went up to 94) and can handle All Star level AI with squads around 85 and lower.

    I think that like with almost any other competitive online game beginnings are hard and you can't do much about it.
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