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Hi there Im messaging about world of chel club, the club Lg Regina pats is on private with affordabledreams I’m it who passed away not to long ago and it’s locked for our league games so I made a new club Lgchl Regina pats and was wondering if you guys can unlock those team branding jerseys like you guys do for us !! Thank you


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hi, @hockeygab_20

    First, my condolences to the loss of one of your club members. I've seen others under similar circumstances and know it can be difficult to navigate. As much as we would like to help transfer content from one club to another, we are not able to and they must be earned through play for each club. I know it might not be easy, but is there any way a family member of that club member can help facilitate a club transfer? They can make another club member the GM so you can all move forward without creating a new club.
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