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Team Line Strategies - Do they work?

Been curious about what others are doing with the individual line strategies. I see very minor impact with the individual line strategies. What does everyone else think or how do you have your configured? Do you even use them? Are they worth even using?

Cycle/Shoot: I don't really see many shots on net even with this raised.
Efficiency/Energy: What change does the Efficiency/Energy slider really do when raised compared to lower?

Why, when HUM Strat adjustment is set to 3 or higher, are these strategies not controlled by the CPU Coach as well?

I go back and forth with using these. Sometimes I don't see any difference at all or purpose for using these. Even with "Crash the Net", my players don't "crash the net". Do these options really work?


  • bryta47
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    For offline "behind the goal" is the only line strategy that makes a difference.
  • What about the Eff/Energy setting?
  • bryta47
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    edited May 2020
    Steven5470 wrote: »
    What about the Eff/Energy setting?

    Makes no difference in my HUM vs CPU games. The same with cycling/shooting. A.I behavior is always just a gigantic mess whatever a put for strategies.
  • Yea. I've been playing around with these a lot lately. Eff/Energy seems to make slight difference, but it almost creates the "bumblebee" affect. All the players seem to swarm to the front of the net. It's like a mini-riot going on with no social distancing.

    When I play without touching those line strats, the game seems to play better. So, consider me confused over this.
  • After awhile of playing this, I still don't see any difference those individual strategies make. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Should I just not even touch those strats?
  • I was recently advised to adjust the slider from efficient to energy, with the idea that my AI will be less likely to stare at a loose puck 5 feet away to conserve energy. It does seem to help somewhat, but that could just be perception. Haven't played enough of late to make a solid confirmation.
  • I'll have to try that. I'll just move that one slider on each line and see what happens.
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