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  • Oslik, where can I find all the settings??
  • Oslik1000
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    32Doak wrote: »
    Oslik, where can I find all the settings??

    First side of this discussion.

    be patience. it is not so easy. learn how play hockey from defense ;)

    my last match was 2:1 against Stars. both scores from my PP. I was overshooted 38:32 . Rask was as GOD at this match :)
  • Oslik1000
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    Sega82mega wrote: »
    Sounds like you keep n' it real! 😏👍

    real = every contact is counting

    it was so hard made this set...it was so many combinations..
    finally it was so easy = if pokechecking sliders are set on 0 + stick lift slider is 100 = full contact of the sticks now !

    at the same time, however, players do not lift sticks at all, so it looks natural. as soon as the sticks hook into each other, the puck bounces off at random somewhere and that's the most realistic thing we can expect from EA hockey.
  • Oslik1000
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    speed of game 0-1 ? Yes absolutely yes if you do compare with real nhl from live view. The TV camera is not real you must go on stadium if you want do see how Chara is doing acceleration on skates. It is the same as any big car you will not stop him if he is on top speed but yes his acceleration is not so quick how you watch the TV because TV cam use zoom and cut. It is a trick how many peoples playing any game against real oportunities?
    In real Shots are very quick. Too much quicker than before because better skill and hockey stick are so light.
    In real long passes are very quick too... but only if you have time.

    In real move of the players are not too much quicker than before hockey play.
    You can see how shots and long passes are so quicker than move of the players on modern hockey view at TV.
    On the stadium this different is not so big. It is a TV trick how your brain make any ilussion about move.

    At the first time you will play on game speed 0-1 you will say "so slowly" ... at second time you will see how real it is.
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