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NHL 20 Overhaul overall ratings

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So I found these 2 articles and they rework the awful rating system EA uses. Give them a read. I truly feel this is a better representation of how the game should be for players overalls.



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  • An interesting read. I essentially do the same when I play Franchise mode. Unfortunately, that is mostly rendered moot within three to five years as created players develop.

    I had hoped he had a suggestion for EA that could overhaul their system on a fundamental level, but that's not really what he's done here. I appreciate the amount of effort he's made to use actual statistics as a basis for the game attributes, but we don't really know if these are more accurate or arbitrary than wherever EA's derives their figures from. Hand Eye, as example, ought represent more than shots deflected on net.

    All in all, good stuff. If only we had roster sharing eh.
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