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  • Classic organ music
  • Juppo1996 wrote: »
    I'd say stop it with all these obscure, and IMO crap songs every year. The last couple of years I've just turned the music off since I get so sick of the songs (which are bad to begin with) after just a few days of playing the game. Custom music is the way to go, and it's a shame we lost that feature from last gen.

    That's for menu music. We also need improved arena music - for example basic organ music which for some reason is completely absent from the game. Look at NHL 94 - it has every classic hockey organ tune there ever was. Why not use all these in todays game? There is no need to obtain the rights to these, is there? This is a really simple thing that would improve authenticity by a lot. It should sound like a real hockey game, but currently it doesn't. For now turning off the arena music volume is the best option, cause I'd rather have complete silence than listening to all these weird and truly awful songs during stoppages.

    So, either add some proper music or give us the option to customize music ourselves. I can't imagine a single person is pleased with the soundtrack of todays NHL games.

    How is the music obscure? Like it’s the most run of the mill car comercial-ish boringass, lame, characterless rock music that have gotten into the last couple of NHL games. It’s the opposite of obscure.

    It would be nice to have custom music but don’t any of you guys have spotify? It’s kind of a pointless feature for me honestly because you can use spotify on the background on ps4 anyway. Now when I think about it you can probably play your own mp3 files on the background as well.

    The songs are obscure songs, by obscure artists, obviously. The genre may be mainstream but that's not what I meant. And streaming from Spotify is so not the same thing as having a proper custom music feature. Whenever I go to a menu my custom menu music should automatically start and once I leave the menus and enter a game it should automatically stop. I could have my custom menu playlist which loads up everytime I load up the game. It's not integrated in the game when streaming from Spotify. Then there is the arena music aspect, where on last gen you could assign music to goals, intro, intermission, penaltys, breaks in play etc. Good luck doing that with Spotify.

    If someone calls music obscure I just assume that the music sounds obscure to them.

    I get what you mean with custom music and I know how it worked but I just don’t get the point anymore tbh. I’m almost always listening to music while playing and it’s just too big of a luxury to have my phone as a remote if I want to change volume, pause or change the song etc to go back to in game soundtracks.

    Custom arena music would be nice but we all know that’s not going to happen at least for online modes.

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