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Let's talk customization options



  • IceLion68
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    edited August 2020
    Just chiming in to add my voice to:
    • bring back custom stick and skate options
    • goalie mask creator is way overdue
    • better jersey customization (even the option to use the logo but not the lettering from an unlocked jersey in the game would be a help)
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  • SnizzBarDizz2oh
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    edited August 2020
    @EA_Aljo can we get an update on this stuff for 21?

    "Custom Logo Upload/Design Download
    - I understand that some people will spoil this with racist/misogynistic/etc material but it's 2020 you have to be better about cracking down on this issue regardless. BE BETTER when it comes to penalizing these people and holding them accountable.
    - If not custom logo uploads, at least an illustrator type tool with shapes to create custom logos like COD had, maybe still has idk I don't play that crap.
    - If not either just please hire another GD student to crank out a bunch of logos to choose from. I'll do it. You have a bumblebee mascot option and a yellow jackets play by play option without even having a bee resembling logo. You're missing common play by play names such as... "bobcats" but you can be called 1 Direction and have a hot dog logo.......................
    Arena Customization
    - allow us to add more logos / text to the ice surface. You can keep the EA logos but give us a couple of slots for Tertiary logos. Allow us to add text around the center circle or at very least the option to add the venue name.
    - different sized arenas. YOU HAVE THESE IN THE GAME ALREADY! I don't understand why you have community/junior/etc arenas in the game only in WOC and not offline modes. what, do you store them in the cloud? please allow us to add these to custom teams in offline modes. I would love to see some "college" influenced arenas in there as well. every arena looks the same right now - the only unique arenas are locked away in WOC. I just don't get that one.
    - allow us to add text to the jerseys. for example... RANGERS in diagonal type.
    Or BEMIDJI # STATE (top number bottom). Or MINNESOTA horizontally.
    - matching socks to jerseys. jeez.
    - add logos to collar / back of jersey / on the knees of socks.
    - better goalie gear customization (add logos/type)
    - goalie helmet designer
    - player helmet design
    - copy/paste goalie gear. also please stop the goalie gear from rotating like holy smokes is that annoying.
    Custom Tournaments
    - please please please allow us to create custom tournaments or at least sub out teams in the existing tournaments. I find it insane that we can't play a game on a neutral sheet of ice.
    - Winter Classic/Stadium Series. It's getting bigger and bigger every year.
    - Locker Room Customization. Totally presentation based, but could be cool to see teams in the locker room before games/between periods and also while waiting for teammates in WOC.
    - Custom Leagues. How many teams? How many games?
  • EA_Aljo
    3220 posts EA Community Manager

    Sorry, but we don't have any other details on customization currently. More will be revealed as we get closer to release.
  • @EA_Aljo thank you for the response. for all the heat we throw, your work is appreciated
  • EA_Aljo wrote: »
    Hey everyone,
    There's been some discussion lately of customization. Music, goalie masks, jerseys, arenas, etc. What customization options would you like to see added?

    Jerseys logos music
  • EA_Aljo
    3220 posts EA Community Manager
    @EA_Aljo thank you for the response. for all the heat we throw, your work is appreciated

    Thanks. Definitely appreciate hearing this :)
  • For Create a team:

    -It's been mentioned above but I've always wanted to use the junior/minor league rinks in offline create team.

    -can we please use our custom teams in offline threes? I'd love to create my own 3 on 3 league with my own teams.

    -custom goalie masks would be awesome, even if it's just the ability to colour some generic designs.

    -I would love to be able to have a logo upload/download feature similar to NBA 2k's.

    -more jersey templates. Maybe some vintage pre-rbk templates like Dallas' star-shaped jersey or even the Canucks' V jersey.

    For create player:

    -more retro gear, definitely the classic ccm helmet, maybe the old school long-cuffed gloves, more wooden sticks, classic skates, more classic helmets (Messier bucket, Bauer 5500)

    -this is a small one but makes a difference when your player is aging, greying beards. We have fully dark and fully grey beards but no beards with just some grey.
  • it would be awesome to be able to play in the old Boston Garden, Montreal Forum, Maple Leaf Gardens etc
  • Looking forward to see the most popular suggestions from this thread in NHL 22.
  • No new logos in create-a-team. No access to additional logos from the AHL, ECHL, Junior or Europe for the create-a-team suite. What a joke. Take note EA.

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