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HUT is getting more worse

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I experience in every game that my cpu players do not bother to skate and make good passes. When I finally get the game free for an open chance, the XMB menu comes up on my TV screen so I can not watch the game. I always get caught by the computer in my breakaways, and if your computer is so passive you lose all matches when you meet an opponent who can play hockey. The 1 video documenting how my players are being completely run over by a low skill team because my computer is not playing, an the xmb menu appears on my tv screen, But we cant see that in the video, i dont now how ea fix that ? But he says, that on broken up But we are not allowed to see how 😂🤣I can in no way see any joy in such a game anymore and why we should spend our own money on a game built on such a foundation. There are many of us in here who see things this way, and it is not a unique case. I can only have the puck for 1-2 second then I face the cpu, but the opponment can have the Puck a hole day without any pressure, omg...

I will never use one more euro on this game, from now on its for free.

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