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Ufc 4 destroying OS forums LOL

I have never seen people so mad about a BETA they've lost there minds.OS has turned into a warzone over a BETA not the full game or even a demo a BETA that lasted 2 days LOL.

Just cuz YOU didn't understand how to play does not mean its garbage.


  • Ov3RkiilarX
    8 posts New member
    I didn’t play the beta, but I did see gameplay on it. At least for me personally, and I assume for the vast majority of people based off the complaints I’ve read, which all seem to be referring to the same things, the main reason everyone is so upset about EA UFC 4 is because of the lack of content and game mechanics upgrades, not whether or not some people lost some fights in the beta. Sure there are complaints about tuning which is necessary, but the bigger issue is the lack of work put into this game. Not because of a lack of understanding how to play it.
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