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Club is aggravating

I'm posting this because after recently joining a club we have had to deal with tons of trolls, joining off friends list to enter the club. We kicked a few, but now one in particular will not leave the Captain spot as a Goalie on our club. He has been there for almost 5 weeks, more likely his PS4 power save settings turned off. This has happened before and it's driving us wild.

This is well known troll who has inflicted a lot of damage to the game, always blasting his music, talking nonsense and he continues to ruin games...it's why we avoid drop-in which is a troll infested mode.

We need a better kick option for EASHL club. And for drop-in why not bring in something where if the persons get booted automatically they get timed out the first time, next suspended and eventually just banned? Would work so well in my opinion.

Now lets talk drop-in! This mode I have only 100 games played this year due to the outdoor hockey atmosphere, where we get some of the most annoying cutscenes and the shadows on the ice make it difficult to see the puck. I can say majority of us who are/were active online players did not want this. We wanted to have the indoor hockey back and team selection. Why not make the outdoor thing and option but for an arcade mode selection?

Please also bring back community lobbies! Yes trolling was an issue, though not as bad as the current drop-in mode we have where 99% of games, we deal with a troll and the game becomes 6 vs 2. Back on the PS3/Xbox 360 when we had it, we could lock the lobbies with a password to prevent them from entering. It worked very well and we had some decent games. We also started to find potential club members that way.

Why take things out that the customers want?


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