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EA should stand for Evading Accountability

Another patch, another attempt to cater to the 1% and the internet content creators. How is it that Everytime EA issues a (mandatory) update everything becomes skewed. For that matter, why does a sports game need an update so close to the end?

I play primarily squad battles and my team is an overall 97. I typically finish elite 1 so long as I have enough time during the week to play 80 percent of the games (honesty not sure why I do, I already have a full time job that pays actual money...not just some packs where the best pull will be another 85 Barkov). I just lost to a 77 with only 5 gold players because suddenly all these silver level players for the AI became HOF calibur speed demons with blazing fast passing. Meanwhile my 99 overalls (Ovi, McDavid, Gretzky, Kane, Lemieux...the list goes on) suddenly can't hit the net, can't pass to anyone wearing a jersey like theirs, can't skate around defensemen even when. Just trying to get back on sides (they keep trying to skate threw them), can't pick up a loose puck (had 99 Kucherov trip over one though). My team seems to go out of their way to aim their passes at opposing teams skates. They block about half the shots their own teammates take, about one in 40 of the other teams though. Why do real life players even allow their likenesses to be used when the game depicts them as absolute scrubs who could hit water if the fell out of a canoe?

Whatever happened to delay of game penalties? Oh yeah... EA realized it was the one penalty the AI actually took. Their solution? Fix the problem? Hell no, just stop calling them.

Not one more dime EA
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