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Cards that are REALLLY hard finds.

I’ve noticed, just lately, some cards are really had to score. For example, I’ve been in the market for a 99 Free Agency Rob Blake. I’ve saved up over 850,000 coins and I’m just waiting for it. Anybody have any other high ranking cards they simply cannot find anymore??


  • ...and just like that. I make this post in regards to Rob Blake rarity which hasn’t been on any auction for over a week. TWO go up last hour. 1.6 million coins and 1.7 million coins.
    REALLY?!? C’mon. I’m desperate for that card and that’s f’n ridiculous price.
  • Sega82mega
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    edited August 2020
    Hehe you blow your cover... 😇

    But I feel for you.. This time a year you could be nice.. Whats the difference between 700.000k or 1.5 million, either way you can get almost everything.
  • I finally got my Rob Blake. So glad I didn’t blow a million coins on him because he’s not that great for a 99 overall card. Still paid like 800k which I regret. What can you expect from a right defenseman though right? Go after Weber, Chelios, or Pieterangelo. So much better AND CHEAPER!!
  • Nice, dont think about the coins to much, they come and go, you must like Blake quite a lot too, thats worth something.

    Jeff Petry feels abit like Pieterangelo but lot cheaper.
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