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CR Glitched 7 times in a row in HUT Rivals by the same Person.

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edited August 2020
Due to certain reasons I cannot expose the name of the player. Though yesterday pretty much had me done with HUT rivals and NHL 20 in general. I was live streaming late and got into 7 games with the same person. Constantly this user was luring me into tripping penalties by backwards skating while I had my stick aimed at his to poke check. So I stopped doing that, then went for hits, mine just rubbed him a bit but he still had the puck, despite my defensive players being 99 overall and big guys. So then I decided lets close the middle, puck still goes by my defense and my 99 overall goalie lets in on blocker side.

Even as painful as those games were I came back took the lead just to win and lose. The question is why did I keep playing the same guy if I was getting CR glitched? Because you cannot see your opponents in HUT Rivals, nor the connection stability. To even find his username I had to review my live stream VOD. This player has all DNF Wins. My viewers even witnessed this.

I think it's safe to say NHL 20 is a bust and if 21 is the same, I will no longer support this franchise.
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