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Selanne or Coffey upgrade to 99

I have limited gold cards and coins as the season is almost over. I can upgrade only one of them today. Which one of them should I choose?
Asking anyone that played with either or.
I can’t see this make much difference with these cards as they are 97 currently.
I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!


  • Selanne may have giving me the most problem this HUT year, so I would say, go for The Finnish Flash! 👍
  • Thank you. I am definitely leaning towards him even though his gold 97 card has been lights out.
    Coffey has been the same. One of the more reliable defense man on my team.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Btw I hope you get that 99 Blake you were looking for. He scores a goal a game for me, not mention he’s great in defensive zone and assists on a lot of goals.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Its always abit more exciting to improve forwards. At least for me.. Hope Selanne will keep doing he's thang for you!(if you decides to go with him)

    It wasen't me that was after Blake-man, but I was in that thread and wrote. (he got him)

    I got my 99 Forsberg that im proud of. 😁✌️
  • Selanne is really, really good. One of the best breakaway finishers I have.
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