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Does anyone understand postured up sweeps?

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edited August 2020
When im postured up and miss GnP the cpu does all sorts of crazy stuff looks amazing

There kickin me off like ufc 3 postured up when u press down

The sweep move list is terrifying theres so many but i dont understand how they work

Doess anyone understand how to do sweeps during GnP
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  • use the new ground controls its easy to get into gnp
  • Lol i know how to GnP lol

    U know when ur postured the guy on bottom can do sweeps submissions and transtions thats what i wanna figure out.
  • Now sure how to do submission reversals for there, but sweeps happen when you time a dodge or stiff a punch at the correct timing if your opponent attacks when his/her stamina is low.

    I believe that's how it works. I've done it a couple times and that's what I've noticed.
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