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Trailer for NHL 21

Do you think we will finally get a trailer in the coming weeks? Especially since they announced a sign up to test the game in coming weeks?


  • Just launch nhl 20. Then say these things out loud while you watch the AI play:
    -over 200 new animations!
    -Deliver crunching hits with our new Improved physics!
    -Move the puck better than ever with the new super awesome puck physics!
    -Play like a real NHL star in Be a pro mode or EASHL!
    -More realistic then ever!
    -Amazing goals!

    NHL 21! Get 10 Hut packs if you pre-order. Release date. October 2020.

    You are welcome.

  • With the game releasing October 16, I predict trailer end of this month, beta in early-ish Sept.
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