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What causes this?

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Weve all had it happen. In this case, squad battles. I play on superstar and have a 97ovr team. Ill play 99 rated team of the week and win 8 to 1 and just wipe the floor with them.

Next i play a 78ovr team, and their 76 goalie stops 35of my 36 shots (mostly from low slot), and their 70 guys are keeping up with my 99 guys off rip. I lose this game 2 to 1 with 36 shots 11 toa to their 8 shots amd 3 min toa.

Replay that game for the win....right from the draw, my players are clearly the better players on the ice again. Its not tilt. I think player ratings are manipulated or something.


  • This happens to me when the opponent has a silver goalie.
  • If I lose the first game I almost always win the second. Like 95% of the time
  • It's a trend I've been noticing for a while and another reason why I don't play as much anymore, and I used to be in top 50 when I tried, I don't try anymore, I'll just play 2 games out of the 4 and refresh. I have over 6M in coins so I can buy anyone I want, so don't need the packs, just play basically now to get objectives done for monthly collectible, to get my hockey fix in.

    For some reason though teams rated 76-80, will score on their first shot on my 94 Bishop, it could be 1 min into the game, it could be 5 mins into the game, heck it happened 12 mins into the game once, but that first shot from teams rated 76-80 seems to always go in. The worst one was when my Bishop made the save then went to grab it with his stick and put it in his own net, but of course it was the first shot of the game go figure. And I even had someone on here 3 months ago try to deny that even happens, yet I'm still using the same 94 Bishop and it still happens daily go figure.

    For me winning by 5 or more is what I go for, I don't lose to the 76-80 teams, but I struggle to win by 5 or more goals it seems about 90% of the time, but when I play 81-88 teams winning by 5 or more is a breeze about 90% of the time no problem, but the lower overall teams with no synergies full of silver and base players play tougher then the higher rated teams with more synergies and better players supposedly.... It just doesn't make sense anymore, basically just a broken game sadly.

    There are so many flaws with this game that you could go on for hours talking about it, but this flaw in squad battles is definitely a thing and have noticed it for a while, and reading your post I had to voice my opinion because I've seen it happen way too much.
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    I agree the player are slower so is reaction time since the give the game for free on ea access. They have change something in the gameplay. I have a 99 rating team and and it feel harder to play if I play against a 89 team then a 99 team. I think ea is trying to level the playing field against new player.
  • Further proof that dynamic difficulty adjustment exists in EA NHL.
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