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Daily Objectives Error Code

Hello. Today I am having a problem collecting my daily objective rewards. I have read through a few posts that have brought up this issue but i have not found a solution to fix it. I have 2 objs that when i try to collect i receive a error msgs and a 30 digit error code that i can type out if needed, but is the same as ive seen in other posts. The objs are complete 1 set and buy 1 item from the auction. I have bought several cards since and completed more sets with no luck. The other objs went through properly, and i even completed a milestone obj that did go through while this problem is occuring. Please help, i can live without the rewards for the day but i read that this doesnt seem to fix itself and it would really drive me off if this continues throughout the rest of my time playing. Thank you for reading.


  • EA_Aljo
    2146 posts EA Community Manager
    This is an issue we're aware of. I don't have an update on a resolution though. If we have some news, we'll make an announcement. Sorry for the trouble. I know this is very frustrating.
  • I am experiencing the same issue. I have 2 daily objectives that are noncollectable now, therefore not allowing me to receive new ones. I read on a different topic that the problem was escalated to a specialist. Is that something that can be done in this situation?
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