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Hockey Bags/Player Customization/Online Virtual Gear Store

I posted this in Answers HQ but I am reposting here in hopes someone might see this, because I feel if hockey bags and such are here to stay, it (and customization in general) needs a MAJOR overhaul.

I feel EA is going to do it, the presentation team should just go "all in" with hockey bags and customization and really do it justice.... to make it actually easier and more enjoyable to manage hockey bags and the associated unlockables.

Hockey Bag Suggestions
  • Add an "open all bags" option - this is a  no brainer, why dont we have this already?!
  • Provide a better system for looking at EVERYTHING you have just unlocked without leaving the open bags summary screen AND...
  • ... give us some mechanism for actually previewing any unlockable from said "loot summary screen". Let me see/hear/try on the new item without having to back out and go to the customization area

Customization Suggestions
  • Give us a "mark all as seen" option to get rid of the icon that shows up when you have unviewed items in the customization area.
  • Do a COMPLETE rework of the skater customization area. e.g. there is literally NO reason to break down NHL, CHEL, Branded and International jerseys/hoodies/toques etc into separate menu areas. Make a big list, filter it by type. Think outside the box for presentation ideas. I think the team has gotten stuck in a rut of doing things a certain way and it is just cumbersome to navigate this. Please see any online store for how this works. Look at other UI examples for managing such systems.
  • Allow me to earn in game money to buy things I REALLY want. And let people pay with real money if they want. Win/Win for EA and customers.
  • Club unlocks can work similarly tho should not disregard club level, so I think that achieving club levels can unlock tiers of arena upgrades so that your club has to be a certain level to earn - or be able to buy - certain arena upgrades.
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  • I can't believe any player wastes any time even acknowledging this terrible system. The second I saw hockey bags and the fact that you have to individually unzip every single bag I never looked at them again. It amazes me what some people will consider entertaining.

    What's next? We get to spend time virtually putting on our equipment before every game?
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