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How can I connect to European servers?

Are there any European players in here?
Do you actually connect to European servers when you play drop ins?
I am ALWAYS connected to North American servers which, of course, gives me TERRIBLE ping.
If I try to do "best available" servers, I can't find a lobby AT ALL. It's either North American servers are none at all.
Is there some setting or something (either in the game or with EA or on my XBox) that would allow me to connect to European servers?
When I Google the issue, the only thing I can find are people complaining because they're in Germany or France or some other European country and can only connect to the Stockholm server instead of a closer one. BOO HOO! 😄 I'd LOVE to be able to connect to the Stockholm server!! It was like this with 19, 20 and now with the 21 beta.
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