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The Road to NHL 21

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Hey, NHL 20 HUT players!

Complete “Road to NHL 21” HUT Objectives in NHL 20 now to earn up to 1400 NHL 21 HUT Points!


The arrival of EA SPORTS™ NHL® 21 is just around the corner — and many players can’t wait to try the all new superstar-inspired dangles, expanded Be A Pro experience and new, exciting World of Chel modes. But before the puck drops on our next game, you can earn exciting rewards in NHL® 21 just by playing NHL® 20!*

If you log in to NHL® 20 World of Chel once between September 3, 2020 and October 5, 2020, you’ll earn the following rewards in NHL® 21:
  • 8-Bit Chel Vanity Set (4 items)
  • Neon Vice Chel Vanity Set (4 items)
  • Heat Wave Chel Vanity Set (2 items)
  • Ovechkin Custom Jersey

And there’s more rewards to unlock in Hockey Ultimate TeamTM, too. Use your existing NHL® 20 HUT team (created before September 1, 2020) and complete Road to NHL® 21 Objectives between September 3, 2020 and October 5, 2020 to unlock up to 1400 NHL points and an Ovechkin Custom Jersey in NHL® 21.

Full list of HUT objectives below:

Take 5 shots on goal — 100 NHL® 21 points

Buy 1 item from the Auction House — 100 NHL® 21 points

Open 2 Daily Packs — 100 NHL® 21 points

Complete a Set — 100 NHL® 21 points

Throw 10 hits — 100 NHL® 21 points

Play 2 Squad Battles Games — 100 NHL® 21 points

Get a shutout — 200 NHL® 21 points

Complete 3 Challenges — 200 NHL® 21 points

Score 10 Goals — 200 NHL® 21 points

Win 2 Online Games (Online/Competitive Seasons, Champions, Rivals) — 200 NHL® 21 Points

All objectives completed — Ovechkin Custom Jersey

Once you’ve completed these log-ins and Road To NHL® 21 Objectives, you can log in to HUT or World of Chel on NHL® 21 between October 16th and November 2nd to receive your rewards. Jump into NHL® 20, gear up and get ready to Recognize Greatness in NHL® 21!

*Road to NHL 21 offer requires NHL 20 and NHL 21 on the same applicable platform (each sold separately), and a NHL 20 HUT account created prior to September 1, 2020.



  • ok I need help, I did the event, not sure why this isn’t complete, any help?????mnk38ra8mslf.jpg
  • EA_Aljo
    3205 posts EA Community Manager
    Hello, @R2B2SW. You should be able to complete this when NHL 21 releases as you need to redeem the points within NHL 21.
  • @EA_Aljo i opened the nhl 21 pack thing but in the objective I don’t have a check for eligibility check
  • EA_Aljo
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    edited October 2020
    Jerryowen5 wrote: »
    @EA_Aljo i opened the nhl 21 pack thing but in the objective I don’t have a check for eligibility check

    I'm looking into this for you. When I have some news, I'll respond here.

    Edit: One thing that can cause this is not creating your HUT team before the event started. When did you create your team in NHL 20?
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