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Game Modes and Gameplay

My hopes were high for NHL 21. though the only thing that seems to have me interested is the revamped Be A Pro mode this year as it's finally going to be worked on after so many years of it being repetitive. My thought though is EASHL drop-in. Being able to have jersey selection and play indoors would be awesome to have back in the game. The outdoor hockey has become too arcade and most people either quit before the game starts or troll ruining it for others making it take forever to find a full game.

Also as a skilled defensive player who has played this game for many years, I find defense is becoming difficult to play. Poke checking hardly works as the forwards just string it back, the A.I defense does not play the position properly, leaving the cross crease or now glove side vulnerable.

After my experience I think it's safe to say I will not pre-order this until it goes on sale. Possibly play it using a friends account to see if the game is even worth buying.
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