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Great Sliders for offline players...

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edited September 2020
Great job EA ,

for being in constant communication ,
like i said before this game is not perfect but it s pretty fun ;

7 thing i like to see in the game(i only play offline..be a gm

-roster sharing (would save a ton of time ...with a good update ,you create a bigger gap between players,kind of like fifa and it make the game way more fun)

-the ability to trade draft picks in roster creation

-the gary bettman mode...in be a gm i could make trade between all nhl teams..that way i could play my be a gm in sync with the real league !

-the skating (this years skating is good compare to all previous ps4 version ,but it s the 0 to 40 balance that need some tweaking ... what i mean is from when a players is a completly stop and skate all the way to is max speed ...somehow i found the original tuner in this game give me the best representation of this aspect of the game )

-more animation (this years was a big leap from last years ,more animation make the game different from game to game ,plus more control ..i would love to have the fifa player control in nhl ..ex...deking ,hitting...just the overall feel...not fighting the remote so much)

-the penalty system(this years i have try numerous sliders settings but some penalty are just not existing ...elbowing ,cross checking ...high sticking that too rare .

-players face scan (my poor ottawa senators look so bad ...LoL..it give a better immersion )

Cheers and take care of everybody around you !

Here my sliders : edited

Sept 06 2020

Quick Settings
NHL Experience: I am an expert
Controls: Skill Stick
Gameplay Preset: Custom (FULL SIM)
On Ice Trainer: OFF
Shot Aim: manual
Game Play Presets: Custom (Full Sim)
Game Style: Custom (Full Sim)
Post Whistle Rules: Authentic
Rules: Custom (NHL)
Fighting: 2
Icing: Hybrid Icing
Injuries: On
Offsides: Delayed
Penalties: 4
Tie Break: 5 min (3 on3) then shootout
Trapezoid Rule: On
Penalty Time Scaling: 0
Coincidental Penalty Time Scale: 0
Game Settings
Game Play Presets: Custom (Full Sim)
Game Style: Custom (Full Sim)
Period Length: 5 TO 6 Minutes
Difficulty: allstars
Camera: dynamic medium
Goalie Camera: dynamic medium
Shootout Camera: Low
Away Line Changes: Auto
Away Shot Aim: manual
Home Line Changes: Auto
Home Shot Aim: manual
Gameplay Sliders
Gameplay Version: latest *******patch 1.60....NO TUNER UPDATE!!!(some how last patch the tuner,mess up the skating ...i have reinstall the game dowloaded the patch and that it!!!don t download a tuner ...)or play the online game
The tuner is attached to your profile ...you could just erase and restart your profile...and keep the rest you ll see the skating is thousand times better ..

i dont know why EA slow this game so much with those tuner ...just awful ..no top end speed ..even with game speed at 6 ...and skating at 100 ..it still feel sluggish..so here my solution...


Game Style – Custom (Full Sim)
Attribute Effects : Max
Broken Stick Frequency : 35
Game Speed : 0
Fatigue Effect : 100
Fatigue Recovery : 70
Injury Occurrence : 55
Back Skating: 23 ...this slider go with acceleration they serve the same purpose it s catch up speed...has to be in sync
Hustle Type : Authentic
Puck Carrier Agility : 100
Puck Carrier Skating: 100
Player Acceleration : 23
Skating Speed :79
Agility :50
One Timer Accuracy : 55
Shot Accuracy :55
Shot Power : 50
Slap Shot Accuracy : 58
Slap Shot Power : 52
Manual Passing - On
Pass Assist : 85
Min Pass Speed: 25
Max Pass Speed: 55
Saucer Pass Speed : 40
Pass Accuracy : 33
Pass Interceptions : 0
Pass Reception Ease :8
Reception Reaction Time : 50
Puck Control Rating Effect : 50
Puck Speed Reception Effect : 50
Pickup Type Effect : 75
Bouncing Puck Receptions : 15
Incidental Contact Puck Loss : Stick , Legs and Body
Incidental Stick Contact Immunity : 0
Puck Control : 40
Deking Impact : 15
Spin Deke Impact : 20
Skating Impact : 0
Goalie Cover Frequency : 33
Goalie Passing : 83
Goalie Cross Crease Reaction Time : 100
Goalie Save Reaction Time :50
Goalie Deflection Reaction Time :50
Goalie Screen Effect : 100
Goalie Screen Persistence : 90
Board Effect Non-Puck Carrier : 0
Board Effect Puck Carrier : 0
Hitting Assistance :0
Stumble Threshold : 72
Fall and Stumble Fall Ease: 75
Hitting Power : 12
Size Effect : 60
Speed Effect : 65
Checking/Balance Rating Effect :17
Preparedness Effect : 51
Incidental Contact Effect : 30
Poke Checking Accuracy : 35
Poke Checking Power : 50
Stick Lift Effectiveness :50
PENALTIES: this need to be improve some penalties are totally absent!
CPU Penalties: 100
CPU Teammate Penalties: 25
Tripping: 8
Slashing : 8
Elbowing :100(in all the game i ve played i did not seen one elbowing penalty)
High Sticking : 100
Cross Checking: 100
Boarding : 45
Charging :45
Delay of Game : 35
Holding : 60
Hooking : 60
Interference : 90
AI Learning:6
CPU Difficulty Adjustment: 0 ...this slider is the worst it s the cpu cheat sliders!!!
CPU Faceoff Difficulty: 50
Fight Difficulty:45
CPU Strategy Adjustment: 6
User Strategy Adjustment: 0
BAP Strategy Adjustment:
I hope you ll have fun i ve been playing with these for a while...
stats are great and game are a blast!
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