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Franchise Wishes for nhl21

Here are couple things that I would like
1. When creating an expansion draft to have a choice to choose pre created NHL teams like: Quebec Nordiques, Atlanta Thrashers, California Seals ETC. (Complete with all the jsersys each team has gone through)

2. Be able to see the stats of all the leagues to assist in drafting, that way we can pin players that had high point totals in either the CHL, SHL, RUssia, ETC.

3. Be able to customize real NHL teams jerseys

4. Be able to send European Players and US program players back to their leagues to grow even when we offer contracts to them. That way (for example) a 61 overall elite Med (this happen to me) who you sign doesn't rot in the AHL and and forcing you to trade him because the league isn't a good fit for him.

5. Be able to apply bonuses to players you offer contracts to, (example) say Ovechkin is a FA, you offer him 8.5 Mil and bonuses for Making the playoffs and Scoring 45 goals, if you have the right combo of salery and bonuses could make it interesting when signing.

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