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Will the servers be better for NHL 21?



  • Sega82mega
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    32Doak wrote: »
    Sega82mega wrote: »

    Keep doing what you do, it's defenetly getting better, 21 test was a step forward too.. I understand it's a hard fight to win, everyone out there on the ice is in desperate need of every millisecond we can get, it can be the difference between a successful pass or a overrun. Every deke, every pass, every turn, every shot, counts, mixed with high speed and quick minds, alot of pieces to match, and alot of diffrent ISP's, router set ups, your servers, our connection to your servers..

    And ofc there's nothing more frustrating to feel a delay could settle the score.

    But I guess there's no secret behind the 'fix', keep maintain your servers and whatever you do with the game to not be that affected of lag, and ofc help people around to get the best conditions to conquer the big bad lag worm!

    Man I played only a few games on that test and they were all very laggy for me to the point where I couldn't objectively evaluate the game and so it was just a waste of time.

    Fat man lag is like having all your players reduced to like 60 Agility, lol. And it's nearly impossible to compete like that, especially when the other team's skaters can turn on a dime.

    Yeah I have follow you and your problem for a while, I feel sorry for you.. I know what it can do to the gameplay.. Have you tryed moving your router around in your house/apartment?... And do you have a buddy near by you were you can try to play the game? Just to see if it's the same.. Maybe your area is a big black shadow or something... I dunno...
  • tompa8989
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    I would be happy to not spend 30 minutes trying to find an online opponent in any of the online game modes. In NHL 14 I had to wait MAX 1 minute. In NHL 20 you'll either have to wait at least 5 minutes or wait all day for someone to connect to.
  • I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one with that problem, I've seen many reply coming from the EA TEAM saying that the problem might come from our router, I have over 130 Mb/s of download and over 15 MB/s of upload, I am directly connected in my router, I play multiple game online, Call of duty which has game with over 90 people, I have experienced latency only with NHL, it's very annoying because the game cost a fortune, and every year we pay for most recent version.... and I cannot play a decent game online, I've talked with many people who are experimenting the same problem, I do understand EA side, a bunch a unhappy people doesn't reflect the reality, but I really try to understand, I have really good internet, I connected directly in the router, I play multiple online games with high volume of people playing at the same time.... so why just NHL I've seen a comment who was describing perfectly the issue, it seems like your are playing you a full team that have 40 of agility, they seem heavy, I have to press 3 times before being able to send a pass, is there anyway I can improve my gameplay?
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