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Franchise features thread

Would love to see some things NHL players want to see added or fixed in the Franchise mode. Here are a couple of the things I would like to see added.

Owner Mode: The owner mode in Franchise could use a little updating and overhaul to make it more engaging and feel fresh.

1. At the beginning of each season you would choose where you see your team being for the upcoming season (ex. rebuilding, playoff threat, contender, cup threat). Based on what you choose here you should get to pick specific goals that you will have reach to obtain your owner goals (like Madden) and the rewards would be better based on the higher the category you choose (ex. If you choose that your team is a playoff threat your goals would be to make the playoffs and should get additional goals once you have reached these goals. Bonus goal would be to advance to the second round and so on).

2. Also have the revenue related goals actually mean something (ex. If you don't reach set goals your budgets for scouting, coaching and player salaries should suffer because of this).

Important dates in NHL calendar: There are dates in every NHL season that fans know are huge. These days need to have more presentation and excitement around them because they can alter your franchise.

1.Opening Night needs to have more presentation around the best night of the year.

2. Allstar game should have more importance in franchise mode because it could have an impact on player morale and players demands in contracts.

3.Traded Deadline Day can be a huge day for contending and rebuilding/retooling teams alike. Teams looking to add that extra piece for a deep playoff run or rebuilding teams looking to add futures for players on expiring contracts.

4.Amateur Draft is where teams get their #1 centers, and franchise D-men. Can change the fortune of any franchise in the NHL with one pick.

5.July 1st is where teams made additions to their rosters that can be game changing or can put them in cap hell.

Record Book and GM relations

Would love to see EA add back the screen where it kept your record as a GM and your accomplishments. Could have a GM rating that would help determine the teams that would like to hire you after your contract expires. Also relationships with other GMs could affect your ability to make trades and also sign free agents.
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