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Idea for Improved movement create angles

Side steps and lunges only go forward back and side to side.There should be 4 more directions if we had side steps for the corners of the joystick defense would be so much easier.

The possibilities are endless and it wouldn't be OP cause u could just kick legs/body when they do it

Then fients would really be useful seriously be so crazy completely change the game

You guys agree or you think it would be OP ?


  • Say were both standing in regular stance not southpaw

    You throw step in jab and i flik the stick back and to the left and ur jab not only misses but it puts you out of position causing ur follow up strikes to miss leaving you open for counter

    This wouldn't even be hard to add everything is in the game already they just need to apply it

    Or we can just keep spamming each other and complain for another 3 years till next game
  • The lunge is too overpowered as it is. It makes strikes do nothing even when they land. Same with the quick head movements they can lean into strikes and it won’t do anything. Mix them all together and you can eat strikes all day. There’s way too many issues with the game. Like the range, damage and stamina. Not to mention the gliding across the octagon while striking. The animations are crap in general.
  • So you think defense is op?

  • doupee85 wrote: »
    So you think defense is op?

    Read what I said.
  • YouPapi3o6 wrote: »
    doupee85 wrote: »
    So you think defense is op?

    Read what I said.

    I did it doesn't make sense you say lunges are all ready op cause u can't cause damage when someone does it?

    Thats just wrong

    None of what u said is true except that fighters slide too far which is a disadvantage for defense fighter

    So how is defense OP

    You the only person that thinks lunges/slips are good

    I can clearly tell im wasting my time🤔

    This people wanna smash buttons and remove block and movement
  • How long have you been actually playing the game? The update fixed the lunge and the excessive use of it. I know exactly what I’m talking about you must not be in division 20 and fighting top ranked players to even realize that. People could lunge into strikes with no effect or damage taken before the patch. You’re probably one of the people abusing it.
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