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I again found the same mistake in the hut video: the defenders are not defended by a hockey stick

in the video "nhl 21 hut gameplay * hut rush * you will notice player 99 in a white jersey.
Yes it's" the great one "and he will definitely try to catch EA!

How is it possible that the same error from nhl18 nhl19 and nhl20 EA is repeated over and over again ???

The number 99 has a stick on the completely facing side than the attacker. The attacker attacks from the right and the defender still has the stick on his left side. It has nothing to do with the difficulty of the game which is self-evident EASY. but it doesn't matter what the difficulty is. this is a game bug that EA should fix !!!

Why is the defender's game improved like a Ben (it doesn't matter if Litman or Ben has any positive effect on the quality of the game) EAdev why are you corrected?

Why is this error still visible in the video ????????????


  • nasher is great because it shows a game without tech PR bst. And against the background of those amazing flashing neons, it is beautiful to see how the AI ​​series is the same ... EA hockey players have stopped using hockey sticks to defend themselves completely. Does it make any sense to have such a game at all when EAdev is making fun of us ???!
  • I am very disappointed. is it really that hard to mirror the movement of hockey sticks against each other ??? it's already nhl2007! How is it possible that it suddenly disappeared from EA hockey ???? Who is responsible for the quality of the game ???? It's not against anything and nobody cares EA ???? Mirroring movement in hockey is taught as a basic thing. Hockey is not soccer or football. The hockey player, thanks to the inertia of skating, can accurately copy the opponent's movement with a hockey stick! And it happens every day you see it on TV! So why doesn't EA hockey suddenly have this ???? What can you tell us now, Ben!
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