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Fight hype and difficulty

Please add a option that makes every fight the same difficulty fight hype shouldn't effect difficulty it makes the beginning so boring its way too easy

Getting to the ufc should be hard it should actually mean something

You could have made such a good career mode backyard fights a ruthless road to ufc you should have made it gritty

you make it seem like its easy to get to the ufc


  • It's crazy how little they did with career mode. They added cutscenes at the start just to trick people into thinking there would be a story to the career. Nope. Sucks because EA can release brutal low effort games full price and you have no other choice if you want a sports game.

    I want to know how many people worked on UFC 4. How did it get delayed? They changed almost nothing. Now you gotta pay if you want an intro or victory emote. I don't blame the people working on the game. Almost positive they gave them no resources.
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