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How is grappling so bad... Getting out of full mount is easier than any other transition... Why? Because it's so easy to get there, that they had to make it easier to get out of it. Full mount is almost automatic game over in a real fight. "Blocking transitions" is a joke, ground game is more fluid than any other part of MMA. I don't play online but basically defending on the ground goes the same every time. Deny transition, do transition of your own, deny transition of your own. Also why change the take down to block body? Covering up your stomach doesn't make you harder to take down. R2 and down made perfectly good sense... Why change it?

Please let this be the last EA UFC we ever see.

A real fight is easy to lose. One mistake and you could be done. Meanwhile every submission takes a minute to pull off.

Want to stop spamming? Make it dangerous to run in guns blazing. Honestly even button mashing to get a submission or get out of a submission would make more sense
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