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Twitter attack

If we want them to do anything we have to attack on twitter

1st thing they changed was cowboys hair&beard because people went crazy on twitter

They can't afford to look bad in public

Nobody sees us telling them how bad it is this forum is here to contain us we must break and save UFC


  • homerjay1323
    16 posts Member
    edited October 2020
    If they ain’t listening to people on here except for the responses they like they sure won’t listen on Twitter. We might as well just give up and stop playing the game. I did and I went and got a copy of undisputed 3 and I’m having a blast playing that game. [Removed - CM]
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  • If one of us goes to war then we must all go to war
  • Ok Twitter Warriors give your best shot! Cancel EA!
  • Would you like them deleted?
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