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Extremely disappointing game!

I am trying so hard to like the game and play but this is beyond playable ..Other than shooting mechanics and behind then net self pass, the game is so hard to like. The players are almost moving as though the are skating against a Hurricane at every direction. Nothing is fluid and everything is like the CPU has to be involved for the player. Even skating cinematics is as though the CPU takes over the move and it delays response from human player. There is too much cinematics involved and making this game horribly delayed to actually move how you want it to move.. To think that I am going to spend money on HUT to build a team when the game is this Horrendous..

Menu presentation is nauseating and the DARK and GLOOMY menus make it extremely easy to not want to look at the game. There has to be a serious look at who is hired to make such decisions at your company because I am sure, its not what the masses enjoy.

Back to Madden it is where there is actually a response to the masses from the development team.


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