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Can-Am Red Bull HC NHL21 Scouting

The Can-Am Red Bull HC is doing some scouting for the upcoming NHL 21 season. Our Club is Registered in 1 League which allows us some room to expand we currently have a 20 man roster, but will continue to scout out some top tier players we feel can contribute to our success. We are a TEAM FIRST based club, dont need egos in the club and it will not be tolerated. We want committed players who will be available for practice, league and EASHL club. Players will earn roster spots based on performance not on who you know.

Red Bull HC is currently scouting for a 2-way LW. Good hockey IQ and team play is a must. This is a entry level position and the scouting process will take several games both in 20 and 21 before our regular season starts in the beginning of November.

If you are interested in a tryout please feel free to contact me. Please provide EASHL LW career stat screenshot. (PSN - BlazedBlueliner)

Blazed Blueliner
Head of Scouting Can-Am Red Bull HC
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