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Streamline the menus!!!

this terrible menu system is such an awful design that is over a decade old!!!! Streamline this process and stop having ever new menu have a loading screen. We should not have to completely leave the game and go back threw the menus after each game, just put a find new game option into the end of every game to start the search from there, no need to go out and navigate another 3 menus and loading screens just to play the next game! Compound this to playing with a full 6, and it usually takes more time to set up and find a game then to play the game!


  • Lag hit the game HARD last night so I have no clue if the menus are anything like the technical test in terms of speed but we should hopefully see a massive upgrade to menu switching next year
  • menu's are still slow ****, need to allow us to pin the DR on the main page so getting into club is way easier to do..plzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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