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Hut in NHL 22 ideas for devs

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I really feel Madden has a GREAT formula in MUT. Despite the fact that I don't like Madden much..

You have team synergies (anyone who has ever played for that team can get a synergy boost) and player synergies which can be bought with training points. Personally I feel HUT pushes people to grind for the same guys and not their favorite guys just the "best" guys.. why not have the "best" guys also be their favorite guys?

Most players (past and present) have training cards which can be built up with training points. Detroit red wings for instance could have larkin, lidstrom, and yzerman and their training cards could start out at 78 ovr. It would take training points/ cards to build them up.

Players have a cap value in the corner so you can easily see the cap hit if you want to play w/ salary cap rules. My friends like this because we all play different amounts and if we play each other/ have tournaments or w/e we try to make the teams as fair as possible. Salary also HAS to be looked at like they do in Madden (use their overall or stats to decide salary, not their real salary) when you have multiple 82's and one is under a million and the other is 6mil salary cap games are pointless..

The last thing Madden has that I wish was added to HUT is the situations and stuff from the past. Maybe I want to score the first ever hat trick where he scored 4 goals! Maybe I want to play against all the old stanley cup champs (old players that are in the game could be added to the team and the rest of their rosters can be filled out with their current roster) maybe a challenge where I have to play against an entire team of mcdavid's or something? In madden I had to face a team of TO and he was so fast.. him at linebacker made running far more difficult than expected.

What HUT got right?
Having more than one cover star is actually AWESOME. In madden you get THE cover star and that's it.. personally I like that we almost get two guys to immediately add to our teams and they improve for a while! Going back to teams, I think it would be even BETTER if we got the best player/ captain of our team or a star from the past/ up coming rookie. I also think we should be able to select their synergies. Ovechkin having magician seems extremely random.. magician seems like someone who is fast and shifty.. Ovechkin is anything but that.. I don't really want mcdavid or gretzky I would like to build a red wings team but unfortunately with the way this game is set up we're at a disadvantage when picking guys we like rather than what's best for the team.

Making a dominant team would/ could still cost just as much $ if that's what EA needs/ wants due to the need to upgrade our players.

HUT rush is a cool mode I think it needs online multiplayer

I know people will comment and suggest the gameplay needs to be fixed first and I agree. Going to PS5 next year I would assume it's running on a new engine and could be a lot different so I don't want to suggest too much on that until I see gameplay on PS5. This thread is JUST for HUT and HUT features. I'm still new to this mode and figuring things out.
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