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    Which game you have been played? NHL 21 is full of bugs and glitches.. Be a pro has so many problems it's unbelievable how unfinished it is. Gameplay is basically the same than past many years.

    Be a Pro in '21 is a huge change - and with huge changes come lots of bugs and glitches.

    '21 BAP is a great start - I think it may take 2 or 3 releases (plus a console generation jump) to really become the mode we all want it to be. These things take time.

    I do not agree that the gameplay is "basically the same than past many years".

    There are differences. The sport you're playing is the same as it always has been and always will be. EA adds layers to that sport - and sometimes people notice those layers and sometimes people don't.

    A lot of us do see these layers and appreciate them, for the most part.

    Take a closer look - maybe play a game of NHL 19 or NHL 20, and then head back in to '21 and pay close attention - there's a lot of nuance there that changes year to year.

    It's basically the same game with minor changes to gameplay. Worst part is that it has it's own problems on every release. Some weird glitches here and there.. The new BAP is great idea and been waited this type of depth to it but it's not working like released game should work. The whole conversation system is broken, game isn't tracking your achievements right, after rookie season game thinks you are an rookie forever. It's unplayable after one season.

    If you sell you're game as an new game every year on and only minor changes on it (not to mention mods not working) you would expect the game modes would work like they should work. Many of us has been bought the game every year and we know it's not a "new game" but when modes not working it's just too much..

    To be fair, what do you expect? They can't make a radically new game every year. First of all, it is hockey. Ice, skates, sticks. There are only so many ways to portray that. Second, this year the online meta is completely different. It actually requires some cool skills and intelligence. Lastly, they have a small budget and a small team. I have been a critic for the past 6 years as much as anyone but you have to give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes. I am not saying they are perfect and some of the stuff they do blows my mind but to imply this game is identical is not true.

    EA Vancouver has over 1300 employees, and they have made it a business strategy to charge 60-100 for their games that are arguably just annual updates. In additional for asking for full price+, the game heavily pushes microtransactions and lootbox philosophies. The annual development cycle hasn't worked for them in a long time and screams of doing the least about of development work, but seeking the most profit. Unfortunately, as the sole hockey game it will keep receiving profit for whatever they put out because fans have no choice. The low 70s on metacric is an accurate scoring for this year's game. To compare, SIE Studios have out out an annual offering of MLB with less than half of EAV's employees, is usually in the upper 80s for metacritic, and is as close to a true life representation of the game of baseball as you're going to get.

    That same office doesn't only develop the NHL series. FIFA and UFC are also developed there along with other titles. I get that you all feel the update is minimal, but I imagine there would be a much different feeling if everyone actually knew how much work goes into the annual release. The BaP update was a very big undertaking. Not to mention, the many gameplay updates that were included. You see a few new dekes and think that's all that was done. Even those few dekes require a tremendous amount of work. Now, include many gameplay updates and balancing, improving AI, adding a new mode to HUT, revamping the CR system and adding the new season format to WoC, Franchise Mode additions, as well as the numerous presentation changes and it, becomes a lot more than it seems. That's only scratching the surface. The dev team stays consistently busy year-round to create this game. There's a lot more work that goes into it than is realized. It's very easy to make these assumptions though. Especially if you have no experience in game development.

    Therein lies the problem. Overtasked developers with these annual placement titles. You can thank the publisher for that. I'm not a game developer, but I'm a corporate developer. A lot of what I experience myself shapes what expectations I have for studios that asked you to fork over money for the price of top tier AAA development that's sometimes even more pricey than what 1st party studios develop. Then adds Pay to win microtransactions on top of it with the icing of predatory loot box mechanics. FIFA, NHL, and NBA have been getting their fair share of flak this year, and I don't think it isn't warranted. Don't worry, 2K has been on the downturn lately as well. It seems like only one annual sports game gets acclaim, and it's because they've mastered focusing on the content they produce.

    Development is hard work. I get it. Unfortunately there is a stigma involving EA that they're only in it for the money. People saying that this feels like the same game every year aren't throwing hyperbole around. There's aspects of this game that you can trace back years that haven't been updated in quite some time. It's a burden with the pressure to succeed, but the annual racetrack isn't helping it. Even EA NBA took a year off to want to address a lot of the issues that have plagued its game through the years. I sympathize, but I can only sympathize so much when it's asked of consumers to, again, pay the same price for a game that others take years to make, produce, and distribute.

    No one wants NHL to fail. I sure don't. It's the only hockey game we've got. There's no competition and that also adds to a feeling of complacency. I was very hopeful for BAP, and on the surface, it feels different. However, after one season it's rinse and repeat. This is without all the underlying bugs. The first patch as tiny and addressed issues with the skating preview? Really? On top of that, they're done for one console first and not the other? EASHL is this game's bread and butter. HUT might pay the bills, but the most fans play this for EASHL. In my opinion, time is wasted on Ones, Arcade 3's, etc. Shorten the menu. Focus on perfecting a few things, vice an impossible many would go to doing some good. Gamer's want change and innovation,. They also want to know that they game they paid for matters in the eyes of the developers and that the updates, patches, and overall listening to their base is happening, but even those seem sporadic at times. Maybe because when the game drops, the team is split into the upkeep of one game while trying to rush heavy into the next?

    NHL 21 does seem like it's a push in the right direction, but never really clears that second hurdle of being something that's a breath of fresh air that lasts. We'll see though.

    It's a collection of studios. Not one big team where everyone works on every game. I get the assumptions, but they are not accurate when it comes to how this game is developed.

    You're be surprised just how popular Threes and 3v3 play are. It's easy to assume the mode you love is the most popular because your friends play it as well.

    Normally, patches come out for both consoles at the same time. There was a PS4 specific issue that was handled in that patch. Each console doesn't have the same process for publishing updates as well so it's not always possible that they come out on the same day.

    I definitely see how it looks like we only care about money. That's a stigma that started years ago, but is still around even though it's easier than ever to be competitive with a F2P team through the numerous ways to get free content that have been added.

    Innovation isn't exactly easy to do on a year to year basis. When you look at what has been accomplished this generation, there's been some incredible advancements with the gameplay. In the end, it's hockey and it's going to basically play the same no matter what. Making it play better and finding ways to make it feel fresh and new are going to be increasingly hard over time. It was easier in the past when there was so much that could be added and improved on as technology changed. Things are getting pretty advanced so it's not surprising that innovation may have slowed down.

    Innovation? There's so many areas on gameplay to be done and which aren't working.. Problem isn't that it has to feel new every year, problem is that gameplay not working properly still after seven years of making the current generation series. AI logic also quite big problem especially on trading and coaches line adjustments.


    I still not remember which innovation is in this series from 2015. By me, there is 0 innovation absolutely. EA is doing cut/add/cut/add... repeatly still the same. This game can do make only 1 person for 1 year.

    one example: in real hockey you know 5 strategies for defense, right.

    I was play hockey as professional I know about 200 strategies for defense!!!

    Who prevents EA from making 200 strategies for the defensive ??? nobody.

    90% of nhl21 game mechanics is included at nhl2004. it is true.

    Well said. This is something that annoys me the most. Like the strats has little or no impact into the gameplay. Feels like EA wants to promote the stereotype of the hockey as a game where two boneheaded teams just skates up and down and hit everything that moves.
  • "where two boneheaded teams just skates up and down and hit everything that moves."... Haha, great explanation.

    .. Unfortunately, we are the once doing it, everyone that play this game. But to our defense, it has been a way to successful strategy the last couple of years, this is the first year im not having extreme problems by taking care of thoose 'boneheads'. But it still works pretty good, I mean, alot of us seem to only play that way, must be a very good reason to that.
  • not want to start a new topic hence I post it here.
    What I also love in NHL 21 is the new added animations when the players pick up the puck by their gloves and put it back down to the ice....not everything is bad in the game😁
  • Sega82mega
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    Hehe yeah I thought, 'wuuut, this old little thread is back to life...'

    Im a quite positive guy, try to be at least, and it's always fun to read when people find pleasure in this game.

    I have been abit negative lately, but I honestly feel the gameplay we have right now can be abit annoying. Mostly because how we play the game, but as long as we can play it that way, it's hard to put alot of hours in a row without going insane.

    But I still feel this game has great potential, and looking forward to this patch.

    *me too, like that animations when the players pick up the puck by their gloves😊👍
  • hehe....we have to have one positive thread at least and keep it alive😁👍
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