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Let's Talk: What I like and Dislike about NHL 21 - in GIFs



  • Sega82mega wrote: »

    This would defenetly been a tripping in 20.

    I dont know, maybe not so bad after all, to have it like this.

    I was afraid of spamming, but as I also mention, your 'DSS-work' with the stick is a good marker to see in how much trouble your opponent is in... That you can take advantage of.

    It seems they've removed the penalty on the frames where your player is pulling the stick back from a poke check.

    Definitely a huge improvement. That was my biggest gripe about the poke check last year.

    Thats true! And it should be that way.. It can't do no harm against the puck carrier on is way back, and gives a better flow.

  • Cross crease!!... No wait.... A clean slapper... By the little man T. J osh...

    Btw: really cool jersey's my opponent had... Gold!
  • @KidShowtime1867

    When you chip the puck off the wall and the opposing player doesn't get it, how consistent do you see that?


    I grabbed this gif post-patch last night.. appears this specific issue was addressed!

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