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What the heck is wrong with editing D-men?

How come when I edit a defenseman down to a 77, he shows up as an 84?

I started a huge undertaking in making Alumni teams with no duplicate players, as I did last year.

I began with Anaheim. Things were going smooth, until I edited Kevin Haller. Based of my “career points scale”, he is a 77, but when I edited him and then backed out, he went from an 80 ovr to an 84 ovr.

It’s not just him. I noticed that every defenseman I clicked on was rated higher than what it says in the upper right corner when actually editing.

Guys that are 79 in the editor, become 82’s when you back out. Guys that are 76, become 81’s. Etc, etc, etc.

What’s this all about?
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