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Higher overall teams are punished against lower overall teams

So playing with a higher overall team, i constantly notice it has become more and more evident that EA has a match up equalizer. My players who are faster statistically (90 speed) are being caught up to in full speed by a 84/83 speed player. The turning radius for my players changes, it takes more effort to make turns, players fatigue quicker, loose pucks are constantly given to the opposing team and not to mention passes are just constantly missing their target. This isn’t a guess or an opinion, it is so blatant to see that i cringe when i play a opening face off center with a 82 or 83 overall because i just know somehow someway It’s My team vs EA and the other user. There’s is no denying Ea. Just like in madden how you can make players be faster and have attributes to make some players turn quicker and juke so much quicker than the opposition , this is definitely in the NHL game. Shame that good teams get punished and have to play 1 vs 2.


  • i agree 100% but for every complain ea is asking a solution on how the resolve the problem lol
  • Totally agree with your comments. So frustrating to get a breakaway with a fast player like McDavid only to get back checked by some slug defenceman who miraculously spins around and catches me, particularly when the AI energy level for the line is low.
  • Again I say the Ai shouldn't be faster than the controlled player
  • EA_Aljo
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    Again I say the Ai shouldn't be faster than the controlled player

    They aren't. They can only go as fast as their abilities, but they are also very good at conserving their energy. If you can get some video of it happening though, we'll review it.
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