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94 Hype

It's not out until the 30th, but I'm pretty excited to try this out.

I still currently play NHL94 for Genesis and have dabbled in the NHL 94 Online leagues.

Still disappointed there's no online with Rewind, I wonder if this is something they can add later?

Has any other info come out? Is the engine based off of the Genesis or SNES version?

If it's the Genesis version, is the weight bug fixed?


  • Since NHL '94 Rewind is exactly as you found it from the 1990s, that also means that there is no online multiplayer function. EA said it discussed the notion at length, but it was decided to make the game a "true couch experience," just like the original. But the door isn't closed if fans truly clamor for it. "If people want to play for longer durations of time and start to ask for more features to be added, such as online multiplayer, then I think we can have those conversations as well," said Sean Ramjagsingh, EA NHL producer.

    Well that sucks, but hopefully they can add online later or next year!
  • neil7895
    1 posts New member
    I pre ordered this on Amazon. Will I get NHL 94 free on Oct 30th?
  • neil7895 wrote: »
    I pre ordered this on Amazon. Will I get NHL 94 free on Oct 30th?


    You will receive a code (I pre-ordered from EB Games Canada and received it in Email) and need to redeem it first, then it will become downloadable on the 30th.
  • I wouldn't mind them adding fighting and removing speed burst or fixing it
  • Would you buy this as a stand alone game?
  • this came with game but didn't play...any good boys?
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