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Be a pro missing feature

Be a pro is missing tab on the menu for injuries, trades etc.. There's only this bar down on the screen where you can see scores, goal leaders, points leaders and on last there comes injuries and moves which takes painfully long time waiting that news bar to get there. Also it's kinda important to be able to see injuries and transfers whenever you like. Another point is that now if you miss those injury news you don't see it never again..
Injuries and transfers/moves needs it's own tab where you can watch those whenever you want.
It need's to be fixed really EA Dev team.


  • Is there a way to change your number, ask for trades etc. game would be fun if there was a chrip feature and player rivalries. Games missing league information I went 2nd to LA and have no idea who went 1 or what free agents were picked up, not alot of league info
  • CWC922
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    I'm hoping for things that others have mentioned like: custom goalie mask(s), custom music through out the game, a shop for your pro to buy/update equipment, as well as the ability to raise, skate and kiss the cup with your franchise and be a pro. Furthermore, hoping that the suggestion(s) that have been stated multiple times will help to get the in the game. Too bad though that the royalty idea that some fans have stated won't be happening. It seems like the fans put MORE into the game then EA does. EA should change their slogan from 'Its in the game' to 'The fans are in the game'. The other thing that I'm wanting to add, is an autograph session with friends/fans before or after a game/all star game/ Stanley Cup win and/or the ability to do it for local charity events.
  • CWC922
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    > @CWC922 said:
    > I'd like to have an autograph session/ ability to autograph for fans as you walk by them entering/exiting the rink. As well as do charity events with your team(s) from juniors-NHL which would include autograph/photo session(s). If/when you win the Cup with your team(s) you should be able to do the Cup parade with your team, as well as the ability to raise, skate, and kiss the Cup. Also the ability to do an interview (as they did have in NHL15) BUT more detailed ability to look at a camera and answer questions/rumor from media and answer social media questions.

    And addition of everything that has been previously stated:


    RISE TO FAME: Push the limits of your legacy in Face of the Franchise: Rise To Fame. The new playable documentary career mode offers all-out levels of agency and depth throughout your journey to the Hall of Fame.

  • Id just like to know why I'm injured and how long, I got injured in game 1 and had to guess when my guy would come back, i think it was like 27 games later.
  • CWC922
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    Something to consider along the injury line is ability to DO the evaluation YOURSELF instead of the computer do it for you, and skip being injured.
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